About Us

Introducing APBA and upcoming Conference
The African Plant Breeders Association (APBA) is an initiative of full-fledged scientists in Africa
from higher education institutions (HEIs), research organizations and private companies who felt
the need to change the narrative of crop improvement and the seed sector in Africa. It is a forum
dedicated to building capacities, problem solving, resources mobilization, and long-term strategic
development of the agricultural sector in Africa through effective plant breeding programs and
provision of tangible solutions to governments, seed companies, non-governmental organisations,
and individual growers.
The APBA will be launched at a Maiden Conference in October 23 – 25, 2019 in Accra, Ghana with
the theme “Advances in Classical Breeding and Application of Modern Breeding Tools for Food
and Nutrition Security in Africa”. The conference will bring together professionals, researchers and
students from both public and private sectors in the fields of plant breeding and seed science to
discuss current research outputs and outcomes in plant breeding and seed systems. Future prospects
in these fields will equally be addressed. The conference will provide participants with an
opportunity to network with persons that share the same passion and possibly develop
collaborations which are key to mobilising resources. It is a contribution to the achievement of the
Sustainable Development Goals especially the Goal 2, Zero hunger (End hunger, achieve food
security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture by the set date, 2030).
Intended participants include stakeholders in various national plant genetic resources
centres/institutions (including gene banks) in Africa, national agricultural research systems
(NARS), African HEIs, commodity and plant genetic resources networks, international agricultural
research institutions (CGIARs), international development partners, non-governmental
organizations and community representatives.

Please click this link to register or submit an abstract or request a spot on the conference schedule:



To be an efficient plant breeding research organization which promotes improved nutrition, health and livelihoods in Africa

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To harness the challenges of malnutrition and food insecurity in Africa through awareness creation, investment in human and financial resources, and use of cutting-edge technologies to generate plant varieties that meet farmers’ and consumers’ needs.

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  • Promote scientific plant breeding, and related research, through purposeful scientific discussion and communication at the continental level and beyond;
  • Be a platform of exchange and collaboration between African Plant Breeders for the development of regional or continent-wide breeding programs to enhance varietal creation and efficiency of seed systems;
  • Engage with government and international agencies on behalf of the membership of the Association to better address plant breeding challenges on the continent;
  • Foster collaboration between plant breeders and private seed companies to better address food security challenges on the continent;
  • Develop and harmonize teaching curricula as well as capacity building and strengthening programs to train and mentor the next generation of Plant Breeders in Africa
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