APBA Association and scholarship program

This program will enhance the recruitment, encouragement, talent development, scientific learning, and professional opportunities for our future plant breeders, scientist, and leaders in plant improvement. It greatly supports the institutions who train such talent and employ them.  And, it enhances the careers of professionals who mentor and donate their time and money to these emerging student leaders. Your contributions enable a bright future for plant breeding, a noble profession that supports all of us who depend on plants and agriculture.


We write to appeal to you for sponsorship for the launch of the African Plant Breeders
Association (APBA) and organization of its maiden Conference scheduled to take place at the
Auditorium of the Department of Economics, University of Ghana from October 23 – 25, 2019.

The idea of an APBA was birthed out of conversations between some notable African Plant
Breeders and Executives of the North American Plant Breeders Association (NAPBA) at one of
its annual meetings in Indiannapolis in 2011. More recently, alumni of the UC Davis African
Plant Breeding Academy, a flagship programme have worked hard to turn the idea into promise
by putting together an excellent team of your Executives including: Dr. Julia Sibiya, University of
KwaZulu-Natal, Dr. Enoch G. Achigan Dako, University of Abomey-Calavi, Dr. Beatrice Ifie,
University of Ghana, Dr. Richard Edema, Makerere University, Prof. John Derera, Seed Co
Internationaland Mr. Dean Muungani, Seed Co International, Clare Mugisha Mukankisi, CIAT-
Uganda. It is a privilege to serve as the interim president of this important and prestigious
Association being launched to tackle the challenges that militate against the productivity of
African staple crops and address the likely challenges that may stand in Africa’s way in meeting
Sustainable Development Goal 2: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and
promote sustainable agriculture by the set date, 2030.
The key objectives of the APBA are to:
 Promote scientific plant breeding, and related research, through purposeful scientific
discussion and communication at the continental level and beyond;
 Establish a platform of exchange and collaboration between African Plant Breeders for the
development of regional or continent-wide breeding programs to enhance varietal creation
and efficiency of seed systems;
 Engage with government and international agencies on behalf of the membership of the
Association to better address plant breeding challenges on the continent;
 Foster collaboration between plant breeders and private seed companies to better address
food security challenges on the continent;
 Develop and harmonize teaching curricula as well as capacity building and strengthening
programs to train and mentor the next generation of Plant Breeders in Africa.

The APBA is bringing together for its maiden meeting, key scientists from all around the African
continent and scientists from across the globe for a three-day conference on conversations that
will take Africa to the next level in the context of meeting the SDG2.
We are aiming at raising about two hundred thousand dollars (US$200,000) as seed funds to
drive the activities of the Association including the organisation of this maiden conference.
We outline below an appeal for key sponsorships packages that you may wish to consider to be
enlisted as key sponsor of the establishment of the APBA. Your donation will be acknowledged in
the Conference brochure and at the website of the APBA.